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An Open Letter To Parents Of Children with Aspergers

How To Raise A Happy,
Dave Angel Successful Child With Aspergers”Author:
“Parenting Aspergers
Resource Guide”

ANNOUNCINGThe Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide Your Simple Guide To Helping Your Child With Aspergers In Almost Any Situation, Including…


How to help your child cope in social gatherings (either at school or work)
How to help your child create and enjoy long-lasting friendships
How to encourage your child to form loving relationships with your family, friends and romantic partners
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Dear Friend

If you’re the parent or relative of a child with Aspergers, you know it can make life an agonizing struggle.

The obsessive routines. The preoccupation with one subject of interest (to the exclusion of most everything else). The problems they face understanding different social situations. The oversensitivity to sounds, tastes, smells and sights. Their feelings of being overwhelmed by even the smallest of changes…

Then there are the pressures YOU face: the inability to communicate with your child, the awkwardness you feel in social situations, the pressure it puts on your relationships with your partner and other children, and the desperate desire to try anything – in amongst a sea of physical and emotional exhaustion - to ensure your child is able to enjoy the best that life can offer – even if it’s on their terms.

It can be VERY frustrating having a child with Aspergers. The hardest part is you feel like you’ll never actually get to know your child and how they see the world in the same way other parents do. But how can you do that?

As a quick test, please ask yourself the following questions (and answer them honestly)

1. Do you ever feel tired, frustrated or overwhelmed as the parent of a child with Aspergers?
2. Do you feel as if you’re on a constant 24-hours-a-day knife’s edge, waiting for the next ‘crisis’ to explode?
3. Have you ever been so angry at your child that, even for a split second you
actually HATED them?
4. Has your child ever done anything so strange or dangerous that you’ve been FRIGHTENED of what they may be capable of?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, and you’re looking for answers to your Aspergers questions, then this could be the most important letter you ever read…

Here’s Why I’m Writing To You…

My name is Dave Angel I‘m a social worker working with families just like yours, and earned a Masters Degree in Applied Social Studies. In spite of all this, Aspergers was not something that I knew much about

Until One Day Several Years Ago When
I Visited A Family With An Unusual Child…

You never forget the first time you meet a child with Aspergers.

You see, I had a call from work to make a daytime visit to a family I’d never met before. The reason for going was to assess a young person who was struggling with school. He was feeling very low, was in a near-permanent depressed mood, and was also highly aggressive towards his older brother.

But that was only half the story, as I also remember the state of mind of the parents of this boy.

The mother of this child was so upset and frustrated that she didn’t know where to turn, and was so overwhelmed by it all that she was in tears and at the end of her tether.

The mother and father of this boy had split up, a common occurrence for parents of children with Aspergers, with a staggering 75% of such parents eventually splitting up, due in large part to the stresses and strains of coping with a child with Aspergers. The inability to communicate on the one hand, and the malicious gossiping of other parents in the schoolyard (who see your child as “strange” or “different”, oftentimes entirely without justification), all contribute to tear at the fabric of even the strongest relationships.

What’s more, each of them lived in different homes. This resulted in their son having two houses to get used to (when he spent time with each parent), which meant different routines, a lack of stability, and increased anxiety for all concerned.

So after my assessment, I felt extremely frustrated as I wasn’t able to offer any practical help.

I wanted to do what I could to assist this family, but I couldn’t, and that gnawed at me.

Meeting this family (and seeing their suffering and pain) sparked my desire to find out more, and I made it my mission to find out as much as I could about Aspergers.

And That’s When I Made A Shocking Discovery…

The strange thing was, there was no shortage of information on Aspergers. But it fell squarely into one of two categories:

1) Either it was written by Academics in a very “dry”, difficult to understand manner
2) Or the information was presented by well-meaning charitable organizations, with poorly put together websites (where it is hard to find the right information relevant to you and your child’s needs).

In short, there was no one resource for ordinary parents, friends and relatives of people with Aspergers. A resource written in simple to understand, non-academic language where they could share their experiences and help each other to help themselves – and their child with Aspergers – to enjoy less stressful and more happy and productive lives…

Which Is Why I’ve Written A Guide To Fill This ‘Knowledge Gap

But before I tell you more about my new guide, and how it can help your child (and your other family members) lead a happy, productive and loving life, I want to give you the facts on Aspergers. So with this mind, it’s high time I answered that all-important question…

What Is Aspergers And How Does It Affect Your Kids (And You)?

In layman’s terms, Aspergers is a developmental disability which affects the way your child develops and understands the world around them, and directly linked to their senses and sensory processing. This means they often use these behaviors to block out their emotions or response to pain.

Although they may vary slightly from person to person, children with Aspergers tend to have similar symptoms, the main ones being:

Difficulties with social functioning, particularly in the rough and tumble of a school environment
Sensory issues, where they are oversensitive to bright light, loud sounds and unpleasant smells
Obsessive interests, with a focus on one subject to the exclusion of all others
Social isolation and struggles to make friends due to a lack of empathy, and an inability to pick up on or understand social graces and cues (such as stopping talking and allowing others to speak)
A rigid Insistence on routine (where any change can cause an emotional and physiological meltdown)
A need to know when everything is happening in order not to feel completely overwhelmed


How I Can Help You Find The Answers
To Your Questions About Aspergers…

Since 2006, I’ve worked with hundreds of families all around the world who have Aspergers.

Over these years I’ve been disturbed and saddened by the amount of pain and heartache that having a child with Aspergers can bring to some families, even though I’ve noticed that for other families it’s a joyous gift that they nurture and treasure.

The funny thing is that even though people who are parents of children with Aspergers may be from different parts of the world, they are often experiencing the same kinds of problems……

I decided that I wanted to find out more so that I could help the families that were suffering the most, and interviewed 107 families to find out what their biggest problems were and found that the main problem areas for families were…….

Coping with their child’s difficult and aggressive behaviors…..
Understanding what is really going on inside their child’s head….
How to help their child to cope better in the community and at school…..
How to keep the peace at home with the rest of the family…..
Understanding the real meaning and causes of Aspergers.

So I figured that what parents were looking for was a complete and comprehensive guide packed with practical tips and explanations all about their Aspergers child….

But not just some stuffy, old academic text book filled with long fancy sounding words that no-one actually understands or uses in the real world. A practical support guide, based on proven strategies used worldwide by the parents and families of people with Aspergers.

And this is your invitation to try it, risk-free, for the next 56 days…


ANNOUNCING: The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide –

Your Practical Toolkit For Raising A Happy And Successful Child With Aspergers


1. The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide is a simple guide which gives you the parent the simple yet highly effective tips, strategies and techniques to help you cope with and manage your child’s behavioral and emotional needs.
2. Based on tried and trusted methods that have worked with Aspergers children all over the world, the guide will give you greater control and stability in both your child’s and your family’s lives, and empower you to manage your child with Aspergers’ symptoms in a simple and less painful way.
3. My objective in offering this resource is simple: I want to take all of the experience, expert information and great ideas from both me and my colleagues and give them to you. That way you have a hugely valuable resource packed solid with advice, fresh ideas and solutions to the problems you face on a day-to-day basis.
4. You can have it with you all of the time and can use it to overcome the day-to-day problems in parenting a child with Aspergers. The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide will be like having your own expert Aspergers team in a small corner of your living room gently supporting and advising you to make the right decisions for you and your child every second of the day.


‘…Your book is an excellent informational resource, so easy to read and understand…’

“This past week I printed pages 116 through 119 of your book to aid an IEP in the works for our Alex, age 10. Your book is an excellent informational resource, so easy to read and understand. I know I will reference it more in the future and also mention it at the next Collaborative Autism Intervention Project (CAIP) workshop I attend. Thank you so much”
Melinda Boren – Parent of an Asperger’s Child, Missouri, USA

I’ve put together a team of experts who have helped to develop the solutions to the many problems that you will face as a parent with an Aspergers child.

This expert team is made up of many different experts such as Social Workers, Parents, Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists,
Autism Specialists and Special Needs Teachers, and they come from all over the world including Europe, North America and Australia.

In particular I have a U.K. Chartered Educational Psychologist (who received her Masters in Psychology at the University of East London) and who has more than 20 years experience as both a Special Needs Teacher and Educational Psychologist.

She is working with me on behavioral and psychological issues for Aspergers children and their family.

I also have a medical doctor, Christine Traxler, from the USA (who received her Medical Doctorate from the University of Minnesota) who has more than 15 years experience in medicine and who works with me on the medical side of Aspergers.

Between them my team have many years experience of working with thousands of families with Aspergers children.

With this wide range of experience and understanding, you can be sure that you will get solutions to your problems that will be both thorough and proven to work in real life.

But Before I Continue, Let Me Make One Thing Clear…

The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide is NOT offering a “cure” for Aspergers. Nor would I claim that every single thing you need to help your child is in this ebook.

But if you’re looking for rock solid, proven and practical answers to your most important questions about your Aspergers child, then I am confident you will benefit from this guide.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Your Copy Of
The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide…


The impact of having a child with Aspergers (and the importance of having the right information to manage the situation, and avoid a great deal of suffering and pain for you, your family and friends) pages 7-8
Why having a child with Aspergers can be and is a joyful gift to your family (and the ONE thing you need to make this a reality in your life) pages 8-9
How my guide can help you deal with the situations arising from your child’s Aspergers (and why I decided to do this NOW) pages 10-12
Are the problems parents of Aspergers children face different from country to country? (The answers on pages 13-14 may surprise you…)
The SIX main ‘need to know’ Aspergers topics you’ll find out about in my guide(and why they’re so important for the long-term welfare of you child – pages 15-16)
The most difficult area for parents of children with Aspergers to deal with, and where most help is needed (INCLUDES: details of what it is, why it’s such a big issue, and how to develop response mechanisms to cope with it – pages 17-19)
How to deal with your child’s obsessive-compulsive behaviors (especially if they occur in public places or school) pages 20-23
What you must do if your child displays inappropriate sexual behavior in public(INCLUDES: the right – and wrong – responses for when your child starts stripping and/or stares at others) pages 27-30
Why Aspergers children can overreact during car or plane journeys (and what you should do to manage these issues) pages 31-33
TEMPER TANTRUMS: all children have them from time to time, but what if it happens almost ALL the time? (Turn to pages 33-36 to discover my 3-Step Program to help your child manage their anger more effectively…)
How to help your child with Aspergers follow routine (without it becoming a problem or an obsession…) pages 36-39
The concrete ways you can help your child deal with emotions (and the best option to show them to make it a simpler learning process for them – and you…) pages 40-42
The FOUR major reasons why your child with Aspergers behaves in the way they do (and how to construct a monitoring system to give your child the loving support they need to manage whatever life throws their way) pages 43-46
The 4-step method you can use to deal with your child with Aspergers’ defiant actions (PLUS: should MEDICATION only ever be used as a last resort? Or should it be given more frequently? Our conclusions on pages 47-50)
The siblings of children with Aspergers – how to help them cope with their brother or sister’s condition (they may not be directly affected by Aspergers themselves, but their brother or sister’s disability WILL have profound consequences on their lives and sense of well-being. Find out how to lessen this impact on pages 51-54)
Should you let your child with Aspergers HIT you (and “let it all out”?) Or should you manage their anger so they stop doing it? Two of my most effective coping strategies revealed on page 60…
How to explain Aspergers to siblings (whether they’re very young or teenagers) in terms they’ll understand – [PLUS: the simple way to explain the 3 main problem areaschildren with Aspergers face on a day-to-day basis…] pages 61-73


‘…Thank you for the article on changes in adolescence, too…’

“Hi, Dave Angel, I don’t know if this email will ever reach you, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Asperger’s mini-course. It has been tremendously helpful. I cannot begin to thank you enough…….Thank you for the article on changes in adolescence, too…. Thank you very much for your help via your excellent articles and the mini-course. I’ll always be grateful to you. Best always, Betsy”
Betsy Johnson – Parent of a Child with Aspergers, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

The best books for siblings of children with Aspergers… pages 75-78
Should you PUNISH your child with Aspergers bad behavior? Or will this do more harm than good when it comes to teaching the difference between right and wrong? Our advice to this potential ‘emotional minefield’ on pages 83-87
How to help a child with Aspergers deal with the world, when YOU have Aspergers(and are still trying to find your way around) pages 93-97
The problems you and your child with Aspergers may face when dealing with the general public… pages 103-111
EDUCATION: It’s one of the most asked-for areas of support, but how can you ensure your child with Aspergers copes at School, in an ever-changing social and learning environment? (Turn to pages 113-120 to find out how to create strongly united teams of professionals working together for your child’s best interests)


‘You have no clue how much I appreciate all the information…’

“You have no clue how much I appreciate all the information. We really had a bad year in school, not because of grades (he’s in gifted classes) but your general Asperger socially pervasive disorder. I really appreciate you taking the time to keep me posted. Thanks again. Dee”

Dee McCullar – Parent of a Child with Aspergers, Mount Olive, Alabama, USA


Five simple ways to create an optimum learning environment for your child (both in AND out of the classroom… ) pages 116-117
How to persuade teachers and educators to develop an Individual Education Plan for your child with Aspergers (even if they’re opposed to the idea) pages 120-121
How to help your adolescent child develop their physical and social skills especially in sports. (Although Aspergers children can lack coordination, their talents and abilities can be unlocked, by using our 8-step program – check it out on pages 126-128…)
The three vital questions you must ask when your child with Aspergers changes school, and why they’re so important for their future development (pages 131-132)
The pros – and cons – of HOME SCHOOLING: is it the best choice for your child with Aspergers? (See my conclusions – and resources guide – to help you make the best, most informed decision – on pages 133-136)
The difference between ASPERGERS and AUTISM (to many people, Aspergers and Autism are one and the same thing. But the differences – although subtle – ARE there. See what they are, and the impact they have on your child and family, on pages 141-145, and pages 148)
Can Aspergers cause childhood DEPRESSION? (My thoughts on this sensitive issue on pages 146-147…)
Is Aspergers a mental health issue, or a neurological issue? Pages 151-156
The alternative treatments which may help people with Aspergers
(IMPORTANT: these are in NO way a “cure” for Aspergers – or anything like it – no such thing exists. However, this section Includes details on):

o The alternative treatments available for your child (are they suitable?)
o The quick guide to ‘Summer Camp Survival’ for your child with Aspergers[pages 158-160]
o Is there a link between Aspergers and Lyme Disease? (My conclusions on pages 162-164)
o How to use DIET as a technique for helping people with Aspergers[INCLUDES: the five ‘trigger’ conditions to avoid to ensure your child gets a healthy and balanced diet - pages 165-170]
o Can HOMEOPATHIC and/or NATURAL Remedies manage the symptoms of, and even CURE, Aspergers? Pages 171-172
o FIVE valuable websites to help your child with Aspergers integrate into the community, find a job, and find their place in the world… page 174
How to contact me (and ask me any questions you want answers to – my PRIVATE email address – only available to readers of this guide – on page 182)
And much, much more…


But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…
Here’s What Some More Of The Happy Parents Who Are Using
My Aspergers Resources Have To Say….


‘It’s like a virtual support group…your informative articles have been incredibly insightful and I don’t feel alone because of you…’

“Dear Dave Angel, I just want to sincerely thank you for all your efforts and dedication with this website and articles which have all been so incredibly helpful to me…It’s like a virtual support group. My little boy was just diagnosed with ASD at 3.25 years old, and I was devastated. But your informative articles have been incredibly insightful and I don’t feel alone because of you! Keep up the great work!!! We need you!” Joan Brand, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

‘…help(s) me a great deal in trying to understand my son…’

“Your articles help me a great deal in trying to understand my son and find ways of helping him. Keep up the good work, in my mind you truly are an angel.”
Suzanne Byrne, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

‘…I really appreciate all the tips and encouragement that I receive and I just wanted to say thank you…’

“Hello Dave, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you from the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland for all the information you send me. I am so grateful and am constantly referring people on to your site. The new system will be a great help. I am mum to 3 children ages 17, 14 and 7.5. It is my 17 year old daughter Elizabeth who has Aspergers. I really appreciate all the tips and encouragement that I receive and I just wanted to say thank you. You do a wonderful job and it is such a blessing for me.” Heather Clark, Queensland, Australia

‘…your wonderful newsletters…are so informative and helpful…’

“Dear Dave, Thank you for your work in creating your wonderful newsletters. They are so informative and helpful. I look forward to receiving them and they have been a great help in matters relating to my 13 year old who has Aspergers.” Janey Grainger, Bromley, Kent, U.K.

‘…I’ve learned so very much about my grandson’s world…’

“Dave, Just wanted to THANK YOU for all your help and wisdom with ASD and for sharing that with us! I’ve learned so very much about my grandson’s world, since meeting you and being on your mailing list. What a true blessing!” Lynn Wiley. Hinseville, Georgia, USA

‘…I am learning a lot from the question/answer dialogue…’

“Wow! I am only halfway through your book, but I love it! I am learning a lot from the question/answer dialogue, and most certainly appreciate the time and effort you put into this work. Thank you so much for this information.”
Judith (Surname anonyomised on request) – Parent of an Asperger’s Child.
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.

‘…I found reading about children in my son’s age group most interesting…’

“Very, Very Good: The personal parental problems are very helpful. I found reading about children in my son’s age group most interesting of course. Like you say what is a normal parent and what is a normal person anyway?” 
Donald Hughes – Parent of a Young Adult with Asperger’s
West Penwith, Cornwall UK

‘…Thanks for looking at the problems with a different view…’

Hi, I thought the book was great. Thanks for looking at the problems with a different view point.”
Sharon Hills – Parent of an Asperger’s Child, South Wales, UK

‘…very interesting and well written…’

“Thank you for your book. I have an 11 year old boy (with ASP) and it is good to know more about it. It is very interesting and well written.”
Pia Contaldi – Parent of An Asperger’s Child, Cape Town, South Africa

‘…very grateful for the book…’

“Hi. I have found your book really useful. I’m not sure whether my son has Asperger’s and I was worried which is why I ended up on your site. I am very grateful for the book so thank you.”
Jax Fleming – Parent of an Undiagnosed Asperger’s Child, Essex, UK

‘…great to see when someone is helping people understand Aspergers…’

“I am a sufferer of AS and its always great to see when someone is helping people understand Aspergers.”
Steve Fritz – Adult with Asperger’s
Sheffield, UK

‘…very enlightening…’

“It has been very enlightening – thank you so much. My son has not been diagnosed yet but his case is in front of the panel and we are waiting.”
Daniella Slaney – Parent of an Undiagnosed Asperger’s Child, Solihull, UK

‘…you explain everything in plain English, which is a refreshing change…’

“I found the book really interesting and informative. I am giving copies to friends who are already dying to read it, more so because you explain everything in plain English, which is a refreshing change.”
Cheryl Waldron – Parent of an Asperger’s Child, Havant, Hampshire, U.K.

Just imagine for a moment how The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide could help you and your family: being able to cope with most situations that arise with your Aspergers child any time, any place, any where.

How amazing will it feel knowing that you can do this and also live a happier life with a renewed confidence in your ability as a parent?

But Wait… There’s More…
When You Order The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide
You’ll Also Receive The Following Four Bonus Gifts…


BONUS GIFT #1: Interview With Internationally Acclaimed
Aspergers Author Tony Attwood (A $25.00 value)

Chances are that if you’re looking for information about Aspergers then you will have come across Tony Attwood. He works with adults and children with Aspergers as a psychologist, and is an extremely well read author and sought after speaker on the subject.

I grilled Tony in a 30 minute interview that I have had transcribed for you to read and enjoy.

In this interview Tony reveals tips on working with certain behaviors, techniques for families and siblings of Aspergers children, his own personal favorite Aspergers experts and what he sees as some of the major issues ahead for people with Aspergers.

And it’s yours as my gift when you order The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide…

BONUS GIFT #2: My Personal Rolodex of Aspergers Internet Resources
(A $23.00 value)

Knowing you need to find out certain Aspergers information is one thing: FINDING the RIGHT information when you need it most is quite another.

That’s why, as an extra Bonus Gift, I’ve decided to share with you my own personal rolodex of internet resources. Packed full of information, strategies and advice, plus my favourite resources (built up over my 11-years plus in the field)

Theses links to discussion forums, chat rooms, sites with great freebies (like free books and communication aids), website directories (the internet equivalent of the yellow pages for all things Aspergers), and websites of individuals with Aspergers, are the perfect complement to your Aspergers knowledge and action base, and are yours with my compliments…

BONUS GIFT #3: ”Getting Started: Introducing Your Child To His Or Her Diagnosis Of Autism Or Aspergers Syndrome” a special report by
Renowned Aspergers Expert Marci Wheeler (An $11.00 value)

This special report is a practical guide which helps parents in the tricky area of explaining to their child about their Aspergers diagnosis.

Marci Wheeler has compiled a report on the “who, what, when, where and how” of telling your child about Aspergers, how it impacts on their lives (and the lives of those around them), and how to ensure they lead happy, productive lives working with Aspergers.

Written in a down-to-earth, easy-to-read style, “Getting Started” will help you discover and understand the main issues you need to know, to help you and your child with Aspergers lead happier and less stressful lives . Marci is a social worker who has over 20 years experience working at the Indiana Resource Center for Autism. I recently interviewed her and I have to say that she is an amazingly helpful lady with a great knowledge of Autism and Aspergers.

BONUS GIFT #4: The full transcript of my Interview with Pam Wright.
(A $27.00 Value)

A single mother of three children, the youngest of whom has Aspergers, Pam is also a qualified social worker who works with children with Aspergers and their families, and as such her knowledge of Aspergers is second to none. In the transcript of our interview (which is the final section of The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide, you’ll discover…

o The SIX biggest challenges facing parents of children with Aspergers (and how to develop practical coping mechanisms to overcome them, based on her own experiences of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, shared with graphic honesty) pages 186-191 and pages 193-195
o What you should do when you find out your child has Aspergers (and what Pam would do differently – in managing her son’s Aspergers – if she could start over again…) pages 192-193
o The information and resources Pam uses to keep up to date with all the changes in the Aspergers field (and how she applies them to improve her son’s life) pages 196-198
o How to prevent behavior meltdowns (before AND whilst they occur)
pages 199-204
o Pam’s first-hand advice to SIBLINGS of children with Aspergers (It’s not just the parents who deal with the effects of raising a child with Aspergers. Brothers and sisters can feel neglected – and resentful – at the extra attention lavished on their ‘different’ sibling, even though they too have emotional and developmental needs which need nourishing. Find out Pam’s no-nonsense views on how to avoid this resentful turning into hatred and outright rejection on pages 205-208
o The truth on how the Educational System treats children with Aspergers
(and it doesn’t make for pretty reading…)
 pages 209-211
o The ONE thing Pam suggests you do to enhance your life as a parent of a child with Aspergers (The best part? It won’t cost you a single penny) pages 212-213
o And much, much more…


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Your Peace of Mind And Safety For Only 13 Cents A Day…

If you’ve ever tried looking for similar materials on Aspergers, you know it costs a great deal in time and money. To do all the research contained in this guide yourself would cost you a small fortune, and enormous amounts of time and effort, with no guarantee of finding the right answers.

In fact, let’s do a quick comparison. If you went to see each of these specialists individually you could expect to pay:

Psychologist $200.00 per 1 hour session
Speech-Language Pathologist $100.00 per 1 hour session
Autism Specialist $150.00 per 1 hour session
Private Special Needs Teacher $  70.00 per 1 hour session
Social Worker $100.00 per 1 hour session
Total $620.00

Yes, your child’s health and happiness is priceless, but that’s still a lot of money. Money you may be struggling to find…

But by using what you’ll discover in The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide you’ll have all the facts at your fingertips. Facts presented to you in an easy to follow format. Facts proven to work in the real world, helping children with Aspergers all over the world.

Then there’s the extended network of fellow families across the globe who also have children with Aspergers. Their support and advice alone could be of enormous value to you and your family…

Your investment to receive the The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide is a one-time $47.

Which works out at only 13 cents a day, spread over a year. Not much when you look at it that way, is it? Especially when you consider the potential value of the information you’re investing in.

In return, you’ll enjoy full access to a proven and practical guide which gives you the facts you
need to know, to make the best and safest decisions for you and your family and friends.

Try The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide Risk-Free

Examine this ebook for the next 56 days. If for any reason, or for no reason at all, you don’t believe the The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide will help you, your family and friends, and your child with Aspergers, simply write to me to let me know, and I’ll send you a full refund of your money. No questions asked.

‘…an excellent resource that I would recommend to any parent who has a child with Aspergers Syndrome…’

“The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide is an excellent resource that I would recommend to any parent who has a child with Aspergers Syndrome.It is full of really practical and easy-to-use information to help parents with their Aspergers child and also the rest of the family. As a journalist I know a thing or two about writing – and this is definitely put together and written very professionally.” Ian Cook, Journalist and Former BBC Producer, Birmingham, U.K.

Here’s How To Get Your Copy of
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P.P.S. Still not sure? Then have a look at some more of the many testimonials I’ve received from delighted customers (of both my guide and other products and services I offer). They make for interesting reading…

‘…My confidence has been boosted knowing I’m not alone…’

“To Dave Angel, I would like to thank you for the info that you have sent me. It has been wonderful to read. My son that has ASD had been having some trouble in school. He only got diagnosed in May this year. But I noticed a change in him since the age of 6 years, and now he’s 8. The school didn’t have the facilities to help him . Detentions were often given to stop behaviours , which I disagreed with , it was making things worse. I have just found a school close to home that has the support for ASD children. I have enrolled him to start after the holidays in two weeks time. He seems ok with the move , but only time will tell. I have always supported my son and getting all the information and reading books has made me understand him more. We have a good relationship because he knows I ‘m trying to make things better for him. I want him to be able to mix in with society and get a job when hes old enough. But also to teach him how to cope with life. My confidence has been boosted knowing I’m not alone. Thank you . from” 

‘…Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in my childs behaviour…’

I would just like to say thank you to you for delivering your short course. For putting the time and effort into allowing parents information. Years ago before my daughter was diagnosed i went through hell with everything from being bitten, to receiving cans in the back of my head on shopping trips. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in my childs behaviour. I thought it was something I did, at least thats what I had been told by family. Your articles have touched me deeply. Thank you again, Nikki Kennedy.

‘…You have no idea what a lifeline you are becoming for me…’

“You have no idea what a lifeline you are becoming for me. Your practical hints and suggestions are a great confirmation for some of what we do and a wellspring of encouragement in areas where we struggle. Thanks so much.”
Barb Evans – Parent of an Aspergers Child, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

“…thank you for the marvellous work you do by providing information on ASD and Aspergers…’

“David, Good evening from Detroit Michigan. I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the marvellous work you do by providing information on ASD and Aspergers. Each day I look forward to learning something new from your Emails and On-Line Books that I purchased.”
Greg Campbell – Para Professional with ASD Students, Southgate, Michigan, USA

‘…you have given me more info on A/S then the professional people…’

“Hi, I just wanted you to know you are doing a fantastic job and you have given me more info on A/S then the professional people. I am truly grateful. Love and best wishes to you and your family. Deana xx”
Deana Hall – Parent of a Child with Aspergers, Prestwich, Manchester, England

‘…All of your information and support has helped me and my wife better understand Aspergers and our son…’

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the information you have provided in the past few months. All of your information and support has helped me and my wife better understand Aspergers and our son. There is a never-ending learning experience when it comes to Aspergers. Warmest regards.” Jimmy, Kristen and our son Nathan

‘…at last I think I can put a name to what is ailing my son…’

“Dear Dave
For years I have been trying to determine what was wrong with my son, or me, and trying to understand why we just couldnt communicate. When he was young, he used to hit me, whenever ppl came to visit and said hello, he ignored them, he seemed to be in his own world. Even now that he is 26 and holding down a great job as manager for an electrical company. I always wondered about his anger, and frustration and put it down to the fact that he and I were on different wave lengths, me with literature and him with electrical and mathematical and music. I can recall great bouts of anger, but he simply couldn’t express it and just fumed. Once he nearly choked a kid who called his cousin fat. I am not sure but it would appear that he may have had Aspergers without me ever knowing, or being able to put a name to it./ His father was an engineer// and there have been some associations with autism and children of engineers. whether this is true or not I dont know. Currently he is well employed, thought highly of and has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for the last 4 yrs, and she adores him. He appears to resent me as a parent, and yet I felt it was because I gave him everything, and satisfied his every need- anything but put up with the angry outbursts. So I thank you for your article.. and at last I think I can put a name to what is ailing my son.  thank you” 
carmel callaghan .

‘… it looks like it [the guide] will save both parents and children and great deal of pain and anguish…’

How I wish your guide was available 18 years ago. I am the mother of a 22 yr old daughter with Asperger’s. From looking at the summary of this guide, it looks like it will save both parents and children and great deal of pain and anguish. Parents will have the information that wasn’t available back then. Many of the doctors that I was involved with didn’t even know what Asperger’s was. You’ve done a great thing, I wouldn’t want to see anyone go through what my daughter or her dad and I go through because of lack of information.
Lorraine Hurst, Chicopee, MA.

‘…thank you so very much for a job well done…’

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for a job well done!! i have asd and so does my oldest son. I have been having such a hard time with the schools here in California,u.s.a, and also having such a hard time finding information that I could identify with and use. I am sharing all of these findings with a friend whose son also has asd but is now a teenager and was told he could not be “diagnosed” officially because of his age, however I know he does share almost everything in common with myself and my son and have found that his parents are overwhelmed by the absolute similarities of his characteristics to asd. Keep up the great work! Many thanks!”

‘…I fully intend to drop your name and pass on your good work to others…’

I am indeed impressed with the materials that I received this morning, and devoured them as soon as they arrived.
It is not very often that I find another parent on my wavelength, so when I find a like-minded individual, especially one who is spreading so much good news, I am very much impressed.
My daughter and I have had a long journey together through the Void of Autism (she is classic Autism Spectrum Disorder) and I was a single parent for many years, seeking answers in a world where the internet was a fledgling and there wasn’t much information to be found. Still, we managed to come up with a regimen based on Chaos Theory that is unlike anything else out there.
We blended our family with a single dad who had custody of his two boys several years ago, and the younger of the two also has Autism. He is recovering as well, along with more than 700 around the country who check in with me fairly regularly. Astounding stuff, really.
However, when I was writing my book (my daughter’s suggestion since I kept telling the same stories over and over again) and it was picked up by AAPC, I was diagnosed with Aspergers. Go figure. I guess it should have dawned on me back when I was reading Chaos Theory for fun.
I am an aspie that discloses now and then, when it fits the bill, especially to teens who wouldn’t believe that they could be successful…because I am successful. I hold it like an ace. The “world” doesn’t need to know all the time. (I figure that, for me, it’s a condition and not a disorder. It’s an explanation for why I need sunglasses even on cloudy days.)
We are on the national speaking circuit, my daughter and I – and one of my most popular talks is about telling educating the individual on the spectrum, and how important that piece of it is. THANK YOU for that part of your work. I fully intend to drop your name and pass on your good work to others. Our next big stop is the Texas State Conference on Autism in September.
I sent my work to Tony Attwood (who first suggested I was AS and sent me the diagnostic link and a great quote for my book cover) and what I had to do was apologize to him. I had intended to send a short note, and it ended up being a novella. Seems I’ve done it again.
Thanks for your time, and perhaps we will meet at a conference. I hope so. If you see our names, “Lynley and Jazz Summers” – perhaps we can run into one another. Jazz really is remarkable. She will graduate from high school this Saturday, with honors. She will attend the University of Central Arkansas, where she has earned $16,000 in scholarships for talent and merit. Not bad for a kid they said would never speak English, would remain in self-contained in a helmet, and might get an equivalency by the age of 21 and then go to a group home. She was
diagnosed MR at age three, Autism at four. She’s one miracle, of many.
Thank you again for the work that you’re doing.”

Lynley Summers – Author of “Autism is Not a Life Sentence” and Parent of a Child with ASD,Sherwood, Arkansas, USA

‘…For a country like mine, about 80 million pop, in which we have only ONE autistic center; it is very helpful to have written experiences, helping tips and others from you guys…’

“Dear Dr. Angel,
With the materials you send me for more than a year; you have no idea how i benefited friends, family and children who struggle in living with Autism. For a country like mine, about 80 million pop, in which we have only ONE autistic center; it is very helpful to have written experiences, helping tips and others from you guys. I also have an idea to become a speech therapy so that i canhelp my fellow citizens freely on my spare time.
This email is then to thank you and appreciate you very much for sharing all the important info you have so that people can be helped. I once was very worried thinking that my son was autistic, that is how i happened to be part of your info group. I then did not stop working for authistic children, helping, reading, advocating….I hope your group will continue sending me documents.
Once again on half of all friends and family with Autism issues,I thank you and your team for your kind assistance in sending us docs. Keep on doing such GREAT work.
Let God fill your other gaps in your life as you fill others! Sincerely,”

Beletshachew Tadesse, A mother from Ethiopia

‘…thank you from the heart!’

Hi Dave … Just wanted to say thank you!!! For all of the helpful information you provide that assists us in trying to navigate the difficult waters of parenting – especially when there is a special needs child involved. So, thank you from the heart!

Kim C Seattle, WA
Feel free to use this testimonial anywhere on your site or in your materials.

‘…I would like to take the time and thank you for this information. I am a Public Health Nurse…’

“I would like to take the time and thank you for this information. I am a Public Health Nurse and have a few children with this syndrome. One of my little 5 year olds has Aspergers very severely. They are trying to get her into a special school. Mom is separated from her husband and is looking for financial assistance with the tuition. ITS NOT EASY TO FIND. iF YOU COULD HELP WITH ANY MORE RESOURCES, IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED. Family lives in Roseville, Mich.”

Loretta Malyszek R.N. BSN.
Warren, MI

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