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(PRWEB) April 14, 2004

Unlocking Autism will be displaying the Open Your Eye Project, which consists of a portion of the eight feet high California image boards representing the amount of kids diagnosed to that point in April with Autism. The image boards have been on display all through the nation such as Washington DC. When all boards from all states of the nation stand collectively, they spread the distance of four football fields.

In 2003, according to the most recent figures released by the California Division of Developmental Services (DDS), California seasoned yet another dramatic enhance in the number of new kids professionally diagnosed with the most severe form of autism. In California there are now more than 25,000 young children afflicted with this life extended disability, with 13 new kids on typical being diagnosed everyday. Autism now accounts for seventy percent of new intakes to the Regional Centers . This disability employed to be the third most typical developmental disability but now is becoming the most frequent developmental disability amongst children beneath the age of ten.

The figures reported by DDS DO NOT include men and women with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder not other wise specified), Aspergers, or other autism spectrum disorders. This leads to the conclusion that the enhance in situations is NOT due to a modify in diagnostic criteria to include a broader range of autism related disabilities.

In the state of California solutions families get by means of the Regional Centers and college districts are under threat due to the fact of the spending budget crises. Threats include cuts to the In-Property Supportive Services (IHSS), Medi-Cal reductions, Purchase of Service Standards which will remove critical solutions, a service provider price freeze and cuts to Particular Education programs that serve young children with autism.

For 2004, the federal government has allocated only $ 54.00 per child to autism research and therapy, a small portion of what ought to be funded. The cost of caring for an individual with autism throughout their lifetime can easily exceed a million dollars.

The trigger of autism has not been officially recognized but theories range from genetic causes to harm caused to the neurological technique for the duration of gestation, birthing difficulties, environmental toxins and vaccine preservatives. Thimerosal, a vaccine preservative, is a neuro-developmental toxin which consists of mercury. There is a substantial physique of study that links thimerosol in vaccinations with autism. According to Valerie Jacobsen, a California State Representative with Unlocking Autism who is one particular of the planners for this years event, “My son was no longer the exact same baby after getting his 3rd round of Vaccinations. I know in my heart what happened to my son and the study I have noticed to date backs up my suspicions. This rally is not about vaccinations, but you cannot speak about Autism without speaking about trigger given that the numbers are rising so drastically”.

Autism is at epidemic proportions. Twenty-five years ago, autism was diagnosed in about 1:ten,000 individuals. In the United States the number of individuals with autism is about 1.five million or 1:166 with the number rapidly increasing. Autism is an epidemic handful of can continue to ignore.

Join our rally on April 17th to bring focus to autism and to assistance families afflicted with this lifelong disability.

April 18th, the California Autism Coalition will hold a common membership meeting. For a lot more data on agenda and location please get in touch with Marcia E. at

April 19th, California Disability Community Action Network will sponsor an occasion addressing the possible budgetary cuts to the DDS technique. For a lot more information, please contact Marty Omoto at

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