New website gives hope to parents of special needs children.

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(PRWEB) Might 25, 2001

Jan Bedell has worked in the Neurodevelopmental field for more than

8 years and is the owner of Little Giant Actions. Her firm

assists parents with tactics to aid their youngsters who endure

with understanding difficulties. With the new internet site at,

she can now attain out to all parents of particular demands with her

message of hope.

The particular neurodevelopment tactics treat the root

trigger alternatively of just supplying coping and compensating abilities. Jan

has a Youngster Development and Home Economics Education Degree

from Texas Tech University as effectively as Kindergarten Endorsement

and Specific Education Certification. In addition to her 20 years

teaching knowledge in public, private and home school she has

broad expertise centered about her kid with mental


When substantial improvement was observed in her personal

daughter through the Neurodevelopmental strategy, Jan felt known as

to assist other parents uncover assist for their young children. Jan’s call is

to comfort these mothers who mourn more than the struggles their

young children encounter and to proclaim liberty to these captive to

limiting disability labels.

Jan believes that there is hope for every youngster Regardless of whether your youngster has

received a label of Brain Injured, Autistic, Down Syndrome,

PDD, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy, William’s Syndrome, ACC,

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Learning Disabled, Dyslexia

ADD, ADHD or any other of the myriad of labels abounding,

there is hope. Most diagnosis’ come with specific lists of what

to anticipate and what the future holds. Do not think them.

What the future holds is not anything that can be

predetermined or preset. what the future holds is based upon

the opportunities that are presented to the individual.

For Further Information Speak to:

Jan Bedell

P.O. Box 800847

Dallas, Texas 75380

Phone: 972.980.7540

Fax: 972-774-9893


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