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(PRWEB) May 15, 2001

Denver, Colorado, Could 13, 2001-You hang up the telephone and rest your head in your hands. Your grandson has just been diagnosed with autism. The indicators all turn into clear to you now. Nicely, not clear, but at least it is beginning to make sense.

To aid make sense of it from a 1st-hand account, the new e-book, Matthew’s Story, The Early Years of a Child with Asperger’s Syndrome, Vision and Hearing Troubles, is obtainable on the World wide web. The book’s coauthors, Gwen Dina and Lynne Ceja, have a unique relationships with Matthew. Gwen was Matthew’s vision teacher and Lynne is Matthew’s aunt and guardian.

Matthew’s Story is an e-book, or electronic book, that downloads automatically to the customer’s personal computer when it is ordered. The beauty of ordering the book online is that the client is able to study it instantaneously, either on their computer screen or they may possibly print it.

The Albooktross Electronic Bookstore markets Matthew’s Story, as nicely as numerous other e-books and print books at its web site, http://www.albooktross.com. Matthew’s Story is offered for $ 10.95 as an e-book, and the print book for $ 13.95. Print books are shipped for receipt inside two weeks.

Albooktross also markets e-books and print books in these categories: Addiction/Recovery, Adoption/Foster Care, Biography, Business, Children’s, Cookbooks Fiction, History, How To, Humor, Nonfiction, Spirituality, and Writing/Publishing.

For a lot more details, make contact with: Albooktross, Inc., PO Box 371863, Denver, CO 80237, USA. Fax: 253-679-5662. E-mail: albooktross@aol.com, http://www.albooktross.com.

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