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(PRWEB) September 22, 2003

A enormous Autism Awareness Campaign was launched in Colombo, Sri Lanka by parents and carers Ivan and Charika Corea.

According to international professionals, there are 30,000 autistic folks in the island of Sri Lanka, nevertheless there is no data collection so the figure could be significantly greater.

Autism/pervasive developmental disorder refers to a whole group of disorders characterised by delays in the development of a number of standard functions which includes socialisation and communication.

Symptoms of PDD contain severe communication difficulties such as understanding language difficulty to relating to people, objects and events, unusual play with toys and other objects difficulty with changes in routine or familiar surroundings and repetitive physique movements or patterns.

Autism, the specialists suggest, is a brain disorder characterised by impaired social interaction and communication abilities and limited activities and interests is the most characteristic and best studied PDD.

Other sorts of PDD are Asperger’s syndrome, Rett’s Syndrome,childhood disintegrative disorders and other people.

Autism is a neuro- developmental disorder – all of us have neurones in our brains to process thought,they need to have to fire in the right order – in the brains of an autistic youngster or adult they don’t fire at all or they just misfire.

That is why you cannot give an autistic child complex commands.Everything has to be kept well and genuinely easy.

As in other components of the world, such as the United Kingdom, parents, carers and autists are struggling to access public solutions in health, education, specialist speech therapy and respite care in Sri Lanka.

What has occurred in the past is that these young children and adults have either been institutionalised or they have been kept at residence. The issue is understanding.

Parents and carers have no true info, they do not know their rights, there is no real help or assistance with only a single or two schools who cater to kids with unique educational demands.

We commend Chitra Lane College in Colombo who are assisting autistic young children – they have some experience where autism is concerned including access to speech therapy. The Sri Lankan Government requirements to replicate the Chitra Lane College expertise, correct across the island.

Autism is a time bomb waiting to take place in Sri Lanka and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and his UNF Government have to take action in order to assist and help the Autistic Neighborhood in Sri Lanka.

Autism is on the boost – even in the island of Sri Lanka. If there is a enormous increase in numbers of autistic young children will the the government be ready to cope with such an improve?Would service providers be in a position to offer public services?

Assistance for the Autism Awareness Campaign came from a distinguished Sri Lankan, Niranjan Deva-Aditiya MEP and a member of the very influential European Union Wellness Committee.

The European Union are supporting the Autism Awareness Campaign – 2003 is the European Year for People with Disabilities. Nirj Deva. met with Ivan and Charika Corea in Colombo and pledged his entire hearted assistance.

Autism is a extremely serious educational and well being concern not only in Sri Lanka but also in Europe where there has been a rise in numbers of people with Autism.

Ivan and Charika Corea appraised numerous individuals in Sri Lanka about the crying wants of the Autistic Neighborhood from Ministers of the Sri Lankan Government, parliamentarians of all parties at Kotte, influential businessmen and ladies including the dynamic Managing-Director of Odels – Mrs. Otara Chandiram. The Odel Foundation are backing the Chitra Lane School who enrol autistic kids and young children with specific educational needs. The Chitra Lane College is a single of only a handful of schools who deal with autistic youngsters in the complete of Sri Lanka.

Autism Awareness ribbons have been also presented to Sanath Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka’s major batsman at Lords Cricket Grounds in London. Sanath was informed about the huge Autism Awareness Campaign and he has met with Ivan, Charika and Charin Corea on a number of occasions in London and in Essex.

One of Sri Lanka’s top media personalities, Dr. Vijaya Corea former Director-General of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (now of Peace For All Ministries in Colombo) also supports the Autism Awareness Campaign.

On a current visit to London, Dr. Vijaya Corea learnt about autism and how this condition affects families.

‘We welcome the new Disability Legislation in Sri Lanka and the new Disability Policies launched by the UNF Government. We had been also delighted to hear the wonderful debate in parliament in Kotte carried out by members of parliament of all parties who pledged their support to all individuals with disabilities.

We urge parliamentarians in Kotte to debate the complete problem of Autism and the crying needs of the Autistic Community in Sri Lanka – it is now a really severe overall health and education issue facing the nation,’ stated Ivan Corea in Colombo.

We urge Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to take action over autism in Sri Lanka.

Our recommendations to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the UNF Government:

To set up and fund an AUTISM FOUNDATION in Colombo – which will give aid and help to parents, carers and autists in Sri Lanka undertake study into the causes of autism in Sri Lanka aid with the dissemination of information on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome in English, Sinhala and Tamil provide advocacy solutions for parents, carers and autists.

To launch a information collection project correct across the island.

To set up an AUTISM COMMITTEE consisting of health, education, social solutions specialists, the voluntary sector/charities/NGOs – joint working and joined up pondering is completely vital for all autistic folks, they can also appear at very good practice and make recommendations.

To introduce hard new legislation in parliament comparable to the Disabilities Discrimination Act in the United Kingdom to safeguard the rights of all autistic individuals in Sri Lanka introduce new employment laws giving access to the planet of function.

Introduce a special examination and a unique qualificiation for autistic individuals who may possibly or may not be entered for GCEs, A levels introduce unique assessments for autistic children who are in mainstream schools.

Open a lot more Specific Schools wherever the require arises.

Encourage inclusion in mainstream schools – both in the Government Sector and in private schools.

Introduce compulsory disability instruction for all college principals and staff.

Introduce disability awareness – like autism to all mainstream college children.

Introduce disability units like a study on autism in all teacher coaching courses including teacher instruction degree courses in universities.

Appoint a Disabilities Minister who will also appear at the needs of autistic children and adults across the Disability Spectrum.

Launch an Autism Awareness Week in Sri Lanka.

We suggest that the Ministers of Wellness and Education visit other countries such as the UK and liaise with Ministers seeking at how these nations provide public services for autistic folks also hunting at very good practice in other nations.

Request funding and knowledge from other nations to support set up the Autism Foundation and Autism Projects in Sri Lanka.

Organise an Autism Conference in 2004 in Colombo aimed at raising awareness via seminars, workshops – for overall health, education and social solutions specialists and the voluntary sector – we are ready to bring a group of experts from the United Kingdom- supplied the Government of Sri Lanka funds their check out.

Launch a recruitment and retention campaign to attract specific educational requirements teachers and specialist speech therapists correct across Sri Lanka.

Encourage new methods of considering where Disabilities and Autism is concerned – education from infant school to univesity is a important area, employment is one more area, we also require a debate on Autism and the Elderly.

We urge the Ministry of Overall health to introduce the CHAT system of early diagnosis for autism – initiated by globe autism specialist Dr. Simon Barry Cohen of Cambridge University.

We urge the Ministry of Education to create educational techniques in mainstream schools for children and young folks with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

We appeal to the Government of Sri Lanka to give more funding for public services in well being, education, specialist speech therapy and respite care for men and women with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

We urge the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe to make a policy statement on Autism and attain out to the Autistic Neighborhood in Sri Lanka.

Now is the time for action on Autism in Sri Lanka.

For news of the Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka please access the internet site:


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