15 Year Research Study Cures One Case of Autism

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15 Year Study Study Cures A single Case of Autism

A nameless entrepreneur who had acquired capital in the New York financial world invested many millions of dollars in experimental study in autism. The result was a comprehensive healing of all the conditions of autism like hearing, seeing, feeling, speech and human relatedness.

Autism is a developmental disorder that afflicts far more than 500,000 in America. The symptoms are lack of language, staring, screaming, and walking in circles, pulling hair, strange fixations and social unrelatedness for higher functioning autists. There has been escalating interest in understanding and curing these developmental issues. Lately considerable funding has now gone into understanding and curing it.

The Web is a hotbed of sites and newsgroups that come collectively to share research, individual histories and loved ones frustrations. It is a single of the most enigmatic of illnesses. Kanner 1st identified autism as a syndrome in the 1940’s in Europe about the very same time that Hans Asperger did the same for high functioning autists.

This subject had inherited genetic autism compounded by an injury to the limbic portion of the brain in his birth delivery. Notwithstanding he overcame his limitations and achieved some success in the economic globe in New York.

The origin of this project occurred by accident taking the drug Ecstasy. This would prove to be the catalyst for a 15-year research project that was also spiritual knowledge. It was in the course of his Ecstasy trip that a voice said the words “genetic”. Later journeys into dreams spelled out the word “autism.”

That was the origin into this not so rare type of pervasive developmental disorder called Asperger Syndrome. Earlier attempts at standard treatments had failed. The subject stimulated his dreaming by staying up for 3 years with a pad and pencil recording thousands of dreams. He devoted traveled to India and Brazil and a lot of other places looking outwardly for an answer or a remedy. Several journeys were taken to option retreats, bodywork, meditation and psychic help. There had been some advantages from all these attempts but no remedy.

Lastly he decided to take a journey inside. He sold his considerable assets, got divorced and took a seven-year journey. This hero’s journey is effectively documented. It recounts in detail the spiritual evolution like recovering the potential to see colors and depth perception, completing the earlier efforts at recovering speech, language and meaning, comprehensive reduction in living anxieties and psychological splitting, recovery of all sensation, feelings and feelings, all motor functions returned and a uncommon insight into the approach that allowed all this to evolve.

As a consequence, our hero shares his individual insights into what is autism and how it reveals other dimensions of our globe. The final results of the project may possibly be seen at either http://www. OvercomingAutism.com or http://www.driveway.com – Use the user name: raniz and variety in autism for the password.

Make contact with Data:

Rani Ziegler



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